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Foot Podiatrist - Healing Your Foot Problems

by Bella Edward (2019-03-31)

On the flip side - also a    Fungus Hack  generalization - people who struggle with an overactive immune system benefit from backing down judgments of self or others. Allergies occur when the body recognizes an otherwise harmless substance as an invader. This mistaken attack by the immune system causes the symptoms we associate with allergies. Some people with intense, "incurable" allergies have unresolved past life issues driving the reaction. Bringing those events to light can allow the immune system to stop attacking itself and innocent bystanders like food or pollen.

Breasts are also an important part of the heart chakra, especially for women. Breasts represent mothering, nurturing and the feminine principle. Breast cancer happens when sluggish lymph and toxins stagnate in the breasts. Fibroids and tumors come from things things that "weigh on the chest," as in "I wish I could get this off my chest." To support breast health, allow yourself to speak from the heart. And allow yourself to listen. Suppressing the deep longings of the heart or trying to convince the heart that it feels something else can morph into something even less desirable.

Depression, Phobias, Grief, Fear, Sorrow, Anxiety: all have at least one foot in the heart chakra. As the bridge between our three lower chakras and our three upper chakras, the heart picks up on a lot of imbalances from both the gut and the brain. For this reason, cleaning up the diet can affect both physical health and mood; practicing meditation to reduce stress offers the side benefit of opening the heart and radiating joy.

Spend some time each day connecting with your heart. Focus on your breathing and allow yourself to feel the center of your chest like a tender flower or warm ball of light. Feel that flower or light flicker with your breath. Listening to sacred chants or the harp can move your heart strings, too. Imagine the music flowing out from the center of your chest. Reiki also offers a way to nurture and balance your heart chakra. You can find a certified practitioner or learn how to give Reiki to yourself.In general, if you have any health issue, you would be wise to ask your heart what it wants to share with you and with the world. As a culture, we have nearly lost touch with the language of the heart, but our hearts continue to cry out in layered songs and symbols.