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Lottery Winner University

by gold stone (2019-03-31)

If you are a middle stack, Lottery Winner University Review you must avoid getting involved in too many pots with the chip leader as well as stay away from short stacks or you might in the process only be risking your own chip stack. If you wish to tackle a short stack then you must do so only if you have strong hands or if you are not losing too much while trying to double them up. If you are a chip leader, use your chips to attack by putting the short stacks at risk and pressurizing the middle stack to loosen up their chips. But do not use the technique too far or else you will be the one shelling out the chips instead of them.When you are at the position when there are only three players left, try everything possible to win the game. If you are the short stack, try to get in chips and if you are the middle stack, challenge the chip leader or try to get the short stack out in order to get to heads-up. And if you are the chip leader, attack the short stack but be a little restrictive in your attacks to the middle stack because at this point everyone is playing for the money and hence ready to strike back.At the heads-up level, your play must be based on your opponent's playing strategy and what they think about you. If your opponent is an aggressive player then you will have to tighten up and play strong to mediocre hands. But if you are thought of as the tight player, you must make a few moves at the pot to make them believe that you are really strong. You will also be able to see all kinds of hands from big cards, suited connectors, aces and many other suited hands. There will be a wide range of raises too from large cards, aces, all pairs and even deuces. You may have to arrange and rearrange your hands so as to stay ahead of your rival.A distinguishing factor between a live and an online sit-and-go tournament is that in a live match, players often make deals to chop the prize pool. The best way to make a deal is by a chip count percentage, for instance if you have 60% chips and your opponent has 40%, you get 60% of the pool prize while your opponent gets the remaining 40%. However, you have no obligations to accept the deal if you think it is not fair enough for you and instead play for the full prize money.