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Memory Hack

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-09)

Sugar and most caffeineChildren Memory Hack Review with ADD already have difficulty controlling impulses. The inclusion of a lot of sugar or any caffeine in the diet can just make the symptoms worse. Therefore, removing these substances eliminates potential triggers for ADD symptoms. If you can't go to absolutely zero sugar, cut it to just 10% of its previous levels.Dairy productsOftentimes, children's ADD symptoms can be made worse or even manifest if they're allergic to something. Dairy products are among the most common of allergens for children. Therefore, eliminate all dairy products, especially milk. If you need a milk substitute, try rice or almond milk, or a product called Better Than Milk.Have your child drink a lot of water and eliminate other beverages that might also cause problems, like tea (because of the caffeine), soda (because of artificial colors, sugars, flavoring and caffeine), or sports drinks such as Gatorade. Try just water for two weeks. Your child will complain for a few days, but very soon will get used to the taste. It's a good idea to buy a water filter if you use tap water so as to remove any unpleasant taste and odors. Again, this is healthier, and will also eliminate chemicals that are unhealthy. See? There is a plus side for an attention deficit disorder diet.Junk foodNo processed, salty, sugary, white flour foods. If it's junk (meaning empty calories), your child can't eat it. (That includes some breakfast cereals, by the way.)Fruit juiceThis might surprise you, but juice has a lot of sugar content, which can exacerbate your child's ADD symptoms. If you must, dilute the fruit juice with water to at most 50% strength, less than that if you can ChocolateA tiny amount is okay VERY occasionally, but no more than a tiny piece once a week.NutraSweet or other artificial sweetener Absolutely no artificial sweeteners. Processed meats or MSGAvoid processed meats or foods with MSG in them.Fried foodsAt most, your child can have 10% of the previous amount eaten.Food coloringMany children are sensitive to food coloring used in food substances like Kool-Aid. Eliminate these for two weeks completely.