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Memory Hack

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-09)

It is the fact that as we are 'alive', Memory Hack and sending out thoughts and feelings (energy), we are constantly communicating with and exchanging information/energy with billions of subatomic particles that surround us and these particles (energy), have the ability of attracting physical desires unto them and therefore, can 'create'. Regardless of different belief's of the origination of our existence, one fact remains true. Without a doubt, we as human beings... are very powerful. Much more powerful than what many of us may even begin to realize.Within this power, we possess a very precious gift. Radiating with an abundance of energy, we have an unlimited amount of power from within to create our reality, to manifest into our lives whatever it may be that we so desire.We are often referred to as both a transmitting and receiving station. In a co-creative effort, we create energetic frequencies through a combination of our thoughts, visualization, and emotions. It is our 'intention' that aligns us with similar frequencies and energies that are abundantly found throughout the universe. To help enhance our life's purpose and fulfillment, these unseen energies want us just as much as we may want them. The universe is filled with love and abundance for all of us.Our energetic power can work either for us or against us. If we continuously focus our attention on not having enough, or that we are non deserving, the universe will respond in direct proportion to our thoughts. This is why it is extremely important to focus more on our positive thoughts and desires than it is to spend valuable energy and time wasted on negative or non productive thoughts.The response from the universe doesn't care either way. It brings forth to you only those things from which you have wanted and thought of the most. If this may be difficult to believe, you need only to look at your state of affairs today and compare how they correlate with your daily thinking habits. Those who know of this power use it everyday of their lives to their advantage.