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by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-10)

With the development of technology, more and iGenics Review more materials and techniques are employed in the making of lenses. For example, the materials vary a lot; the color of lenses is also very rich. Or some photo-chromatic glasses can make the visual effects very outstanding and nice. As for frames, many innovations are also been achieved in their styles, colors, shapes, etc. Or some are full-rimed, some other semi-rimed, or others rimless. In this sense, some related things much be noticed while buying eye wear, Such as, to check the materials and styles of the frames and lenses; to consider the frames and one's face shape. Anyway, one should ensure there is a contrast between his face and the frame shapes. After that, try those glasses on and to see whether they are comfortable to wear. Approximately 3 million Americans suffer from Glaucoma or eye pressure disorder. The worrisome part of that is that more than half do not realize that they are suffering from it, until it is too late. Therefore it is essential to know what this disorder is all about. This Intraocular pressure is the fluid pressure inside the eye. It is controlled by aqueous humor, a watery fluid. Aqueous humor is produced in the Iris. Normally, there is a balance between the production and drainage of the fluid and in case of any imbalance; it leads to elevated eye pressure. And when the flow of the fluid becomes restricted and the pressure builds up, optical nerves can get damaged which can cause vision problems and can also lead to blindness. It is no wonder then that this disorder is called the 'silent thief of sight'. When contact lenses first came out on the market, many people were excited because, no longer will they be forced to wear glasses. Yes, they can now wear lenses without anyone knowing, while at the same time, looking fashionable. This excitement has not diminished, although there is much more caution when it come to using them. With this in mind, the following suggestions will be helpful as you take care of these seeing aids. The first line of defense after purchasing them is to always follow the instructions that they come with. Sometimes, many of us do not think that it is necessary to read the booklet that usually comes with an item that we purchase. We believe that our common sense will guide us through, until we run into a problem and then we will go looking for the instructions. While it is great that we finally turned to it, it is always best to read the booklet first, before jumping in there and using the item. Perhaps by reading first, we may not run into some of the problems we are later faced with. Consequently, read and follow the instructions for your own protection and enjoyment.