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by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-10)

How about taking a walk in a different Zen12 area or to a walking trail. The benefits of walking are known for physical upkeep and also allow the mind and spiritual self to commune in nature.Don't be afraid to unplug everyone from your life for a specific period to heal and renew. If they truly love you they will understand and will encourage you to increase self love by doing a unplug.Thank you for reading these few wordsMustafaa Muhammad is an "African American" who is a follower of the Islamic faith. Through independent religious studies developed an ecumenical view of the world's religions and the people of God. And while he is devoted to Islam as his faith he is at home in the Church(or other religious institutions) as he is in the Mosque.He has been featured on the Radio, Newspapers, public speaking events and at Mosques/Churches telling his story and offering his understanding of Almighty God's plan for salvation.It is time for you to reflect for a moment on the habits you admire about yourself. Even if is difficult or uncomfortable for you to brag about yourself but go ahead. Grab a sheet of paper and make a list of at least your top 10 good habits.As you sit to make that list you will no doubt entertain some thoughts of good habits you wish you had, mark these ideas down the middle of the page next to your first list. What are the best habits would you like to be able to write down?Then start a 3rd list, far right side of the page and think about the people you most respect and look up to. What good habits do they have that you'd most like to emulate?Are any of the habits in the second two columns things you can commit to marking in your calendar right now. Like the habit of sending 3 thank you cards every day or working out 4 times each week, or connect with 10 people each day on Twitter or Facebook? Make time for the good habits you'd like to add to your list.