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Uncompromised Life

by princy william (2019-04-10)

Discovery, Dream, Design Uncompromised Life Review and Destiny are 4 of the most powerful steps you can take to create success. It's a process that is asset based. In other words it's about looking at who are you and what you have to offer using a positive approach and then building on that to create success in your business and your life.The list of positive words for discovery is endless; high quality, integrity, empowerment, innovation, customer responsiveness, technological innovation, team spirit, exceptional learning, etc. Discovery involves looking at and describing those moments in your life when you felt you had been successful whether the success was in being a good friend, a good sibling, parent, student, employee, etc.As you move through this first step the task is to discover the positive aspects, successes, and most vital or effective moments you have had. Then ask yourself or others what role you played in creating past successes.As part of the Discovery process, engage in dialogue with friends, family members, co-workers. This allows you to look at how others see your success in the role you have with them. Through dialogue, with others and with yourself, a consensus begins to emerge. "Yes, this is an ideal or vision that I value and should aspire to."Applying this in the creation of your own business you will see that conversation and dialogue, along with individual appreciation (appreciating your own positive attributes, becomes collective appreciation, and individual vision becomes a cooperative or shared vision which ultimately can lead toward success.Next, envision what might be. When the best of what is (you) has been identified, the mind naturally begins to search beyond this; it begins to envision new possibilities. Valuing the best of what is what leads to envisioning what might be. Envisioning involves, "passionate thinking" - it means creating a positive image of a desired and preferred future. This is an important step as it allows you to go beyond the normal way we think with all the little nay saying voices, and go to a place where you can dream big. Think about when you were a kid and there were no barriers, real or imaginary to stop you from envisioning a bright and successful future. Now, write it down, draw the dream, and put it into some form that expresses what your dream is.