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30x30 Total Transformation

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-12)

My new intention: Laugh my way to success. 30x30 Total Transformation Review That's right. Find the humor in all that takes place rather than look life as a series of wins, losses and opportunities for improvement. Last Friday, I was traveling from Monterrey Mexico to Los Angeles with a stop in Houston. I had to run in order to get from customs to my gate, which I discovered on my path was two terminals away. Normally, this would stress me out and cause me to be upset with the airport for not having a tram to get me there faster. The reason is because as a person who believes in destiny, and a person who is in tune with ones destiny, I can speak from experience that this feeling goes way beyond anything you can ever imagine. To be true to oneself and honest with who you are and where you are headed, and to rejoice in this knowing literally will take you to greater heights of expansion in your daily life. Second, figure out exactly it is you want. Many people have a hard time in life because they don't know exactly what they want. Write out exactly what it is you want, and write down the service you intend to give, and the exact date you intend to have this come into fruition. Being exact and precise with what you want, the service you intend to give in return for your efforts and having a set time will guarantee you becoming the person that you want to be. Be specific! Third, use creative visualization. Read the small list that I have outlined for you in step 2, and read it as if though you have already achieved this vision. Read it with feeling and emotion as if the vision is already complete. How would it really feel like when you are where you want to be? Use all your senses in detail as you read this list, and mix in the visuals in your minds eye of the actual event. See and feel yourself in possession of what it is you want to have and be. I recommend reading this once every morning, and before you go to bed at night. This will keep you focused on what it is you are destined to be. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals dislike or are bored with their job. Most have little, if any, passion for what they do for a living. As we grow older the idea that life is passing us by without anything to show for it begins to take root. Some react in strange ways and it may be brushed aside as a "mid-life crisis". The fact is when we come to the realization, at some point in our lives, that we are running out of time, we react by engaging in activities that are outside our normal behavior. Unfortunately, too often, this behavior is bad or destructive. There is a feeling of powerlessness; stuck on a treadmill from which you can't seem to get off. The intent of this article is to help such individuals find a constructive way off the treadmill, without harming the ones you love most, your direct family. My objective is to give you hope and direction in exiting your personal treadmill and finding your passion in life for income producing activities. Help is on its way. So let's begin.