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Fungus Hack

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-13)

THEY WEAR WHITE SUITS when they administer some Fungus Hack Review forms of chemo. These are protective suits. This is what another older brother's partner once said to me. She was battling a 3rd recurrence of breast cancer gone into the bones. A beautiful lady, quiet, kind and caring and in some ways strong. I knew her quite well and appreciated her desire to be neither seen nor heard unless she had something important to say. As much as she was encouraged to she did not follow the path my younger brother took. She did not consult his Naturopath but quietly went on her way from one lot of chemo to the next to the next. Her faith was in HER doctor, he had pulled her through twice before. Unfortunately her doctor was not God and even more unfortunately he was wrong. She confessed to me that she did not become health conscious and change her lifestyle and even tho we loved her and tried to help her she passed away last Christmas. She was hardly any older than I am. If I can save just one person from that kind of death, if I can save one family from the kind of grief my other brother is now going through then this article is more than worth the time I am spending on it. My younger brother's Naturopath says that cancer is malnutrition of the cells. She will then proceed to recommend a nutritional supplement that she says is amazing in its cell restoration ability. Also correct function of the endocrine glandular system is of paramount importance as it's the foundation of the body. All organs, large and small depend on its correct function. For this she will recommend another nutritional supplement to feed and restore this system An example of a malfunctioning pineal gland (found in the brain) is alceimers. Other examples are ADD, ADHD, poor memory, anxiety, fear etc. Thymus gland not functioning correctly could produce symptoms of all kinds of heart problems which are related to the electrical frequencies of the heart. In other words if it doesn't beat correctly it's probably the thymus gland malfunctioning. In all forms of diabetes you can look for an unhealthy pancreas. Weight problems, look for malfunctioning Thyroid. I remember when I was a kid and a very fat boy at school was told by his doctor that ihis condition was due to his glands. Amazing don't you think? They knew back then. That doctor obviously didn't know what to do as that boy remained fat all the years I went to school.