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by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-04-14)

This passage iGenics Review in Isaiah Chapter 6 in the Old Testament is taken up some six times in the New Testament. Jesus quotes Isaiah in Matthew 13 Chapter verses 13 to 17 and John Chapter 12 verse 40, as does Paul nearing the end of his exciting ministry. (Acts Chapter 28 verses 25 - 27) It is a sad hard saying which has proved to be exceedingly accurate and true.Isaiah asks - For how long is this going to be my ministry? Lord, how long do I have to go on like this? And the answer from God is - for 60 years - until you virtually lose your whole congregation - and Isaiah, you will see people go further and further from Me, even until this place is desolate.Even when Jesus spoke to the people and invited them to come for cleansing and forgiveness - even when Jesus spoke so tenderly and lovingly - people decided not to respond positively. Some were determined not to come to God in repentance, but continued to rebel in their sin.