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Don't Force It, Do It By Law!

by Bella Edward (2019-04-20)

This includes the food  Meditation In A Bottle  you eat, alcohol, cigarettes, peers, basically anything in your environment that is potentially damaging to its success. Instead you must take actions everyday to feed it the things that nourish it, and brings it closer to achievement. Eating the finest of green vegetables, fruits(berries, citrus fruits), salmon, nuts, seeds, etc. Everything that is a whole food, non-processed, low in sugar, low in sodium, low in saturated and transaturated fat. Doing these things daily in your life is critical to carry you in the direction of your goals.

Getting in the habit of setting goals, writing a list of your short, medium and long term plans in written word will make your ideas concrete and energize you to take action towards these things. It's actually quite amazing how just writing something down makes it that much more real and definite. It has a much stronger impact on your subconscious mind and if you use it in the right way will steer you strongly to success.

These are the top three reasons that you measure up and can achieve the success you want to have in life. Very often people limit themselves in life, but once you aware of these three reasons you will be able to contain your limitations better. So here they are:Reason 1: You were born capable to do anything

Can you remember the last time you went to an amusement park? In amusement parks they have measurement limits for kids on some rides. They can not ride unless they are above a certain height or size.Well, life can be like an amusement park ride, too. Only in life the limitations we set ourselves. We forget that we were born capable to do anything. We forget that we were born capable to earn any amount of money. So how much money do you want? Want do you want to achieve? No limitations - just name it, you can do it!