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by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-23)

Always take a break and rest your eyes iGenics Review more often. Whatever work you do, especially if you are staring at a computer monitor most of the time, you must relax your eyes so as to avoid getting eye strain or those red and puffy eyes. Just closing your eyes for a few minutes is a good way to do this.Generally, good vision can bring good performance. And children with good eye sight tend to perform better at school. Therefore, if children have bad vision, they may do bad job in their study. And regular eye examinations are essential as a result. Usually, people, be they of any age group, tend to suffer from some common eye problems.Far Sightedness is one of the most widely prevalent problems among children who can see clearly of distant objects, but not nearby things. Usually, sufferers of this problem will encounter some serious complications, like eye strains, pain, headaches, etc. In most case, children with hyperopia have to read very closely to the books. While reading, they can use glasses or contact; but nothing can be used while playing.Contrary to hyperopia, there is a problem called myopia that has opposite symptoms to farsightedness. Sufferers of this problem can not see clearly of distant objects. Therefore, children with this problem can not see clearly of blackboard or any other distant objects in the classroom.Astigmatism is also a very common eye problem. Sufferers of this problem may endure the pain of squinting, frowning, etc. due to deformation of cornea.In some cases, children have very good vision, but their two eyes can not see equally. This problem is called amblyopia that may lead to blindness. Therefore, it must be detected and cured at early stage.Just because of the specialty of children, early eye examinations are essential.However, sometimes common prescribed glasses are not suitable for children. This is because children often play and do some sports. Or some dare not to wear glasses in public. If so, many children's problems can not be well treated.