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"G's" 25 Life Tips for Your Selling Success

by Bella Edward (2019-04-23)

Common sense is when    No BS Manifesting Course   you see a situation, decision or action in a way that loudly says - yes - both in the short and long term this is a good or the best course of action. It doesn't matter what other people think or believe as their beliefs and attitudes are derived from their unique and varied sources of mental conditioning and upbringing.

Common sense, when all things are considered is the only way to proceed based on a variety of factors; experience, knowledge, information, wisdom, objectives, potential hazards, real opportunities and an internal emotional comfort level. It's a state of mind similar to intuition, instinct or a hunch where it just feels right. But beware - if you proceed only based on feelings or emotions without considering some of the other factors above, you might just set yourself up for disappointment, frustration or even failure.

Some people would assume that the older you are the more common sense you would develop. WRONG. Some people would assume that the more education you have the more common sense you would have. WRONG. Some people would believe that the more experience you have had, the more common sense you would develop. WRONG. Some people that the smarter you are, the more common sense you will have. WRONG. So why do so few people today seem to operate from a position of little or no common sense whatsoever? Well, from my perspective there are a number of reasons. Here are some of the most common ones:

Personal agendas. Everyone has agendas. Some are noble while others are very self-serving or selfish. An agenda is nothing more than a life outlook or a mindset. But, this outlook, whether positive or negative will tend to have a significant role in how you behave, treat others or interpret life in general. It will often control all of your actions, choices, decisions and behaviors. A self-serving agenda will cause you to override what may be right or you feel is best for you alone.