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Uncompromised Life

by dilli jack (2019-04-25)

I had another circle of influence that was made up of all coaches. We would get together on a weekly basis and have lunch. Someone was responsible each week to bring a topic of discussion to the table. These days I have another circle of influence for my business that I use for guidance on a wide ranging series of issues. The makeup of this group is a true reflection of my business wide and varied. Then, we get down to the brains trust, a group that we usually speak by phone as we are spread all over the world, we discuss issues, give advice and help to each other but basically we respect each other for who we are and what we have done. After this particular group have spent time together your brain is going at a thousand miles per hour.Then we get to the final circle of influence. My family. The one group that each and everyday help you be a better person just by being around them. They all have their own unique way of helping, guiding and influencing me in so many different ways.