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by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-26)

Collagen is a very important substance HydraLyft Review for anyone interested in maintaining or improving the health and youthfulness of their skin. This is a natural protein found in the human body, namely in the connective tissues. It makes up 25-35% of protein found inside the human body and it has many different jobs.Almost all tissues inside the human body receive support from bundles of collagen fibers. These fibers give structure to human cells, both externally and internally. Some of the jobs of these collagen bundles include:Adding elasticity and strength to the skin.Strengthen blood vessels Help with tissue development.As we grow older, levels of collagen decrease and by the late 20's most people are not producing enough of it to properly maintain skin cells in a healthy, youthful manner. There are a variety of causes for this slow down in production, including some external factors such as sun damage and environmental toxins. These things damage our cells and lead to the common signs of aging, and there isn't enough collagen to repair that damage.