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by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-04-26)

The Sonoma Diet isRenew Magnesium Spray Review one of the latest in the line of commercially successful weight loss programs available to dieters. It is a program claiming to be based on both a nutritional diet that will not leave your taste buds out of the equation, as well total change of lifestyle, basically promising an exotic experience to its dieters. But is this true and what does it mean? This article will explore this issue, analysing exactly how the Sonoma Diet is working to help dieters lose weight.Firstly the founder of the Sonoma Diet program and author of the NY Times Best Selling book, The Sonoma Diet, is Dr. Connie Gutterson. Dr. Gutterson is the leading expert on health benefits derived from the diets of Mediterranean, Latin American and Asian Cuisines, and thus the Sonoma Diet's basis is on Mediterranean foods. This is where the program gets the majority of its foods (Sonoma, California and the European Mediterranean). Now these locations certainly have some delectable food choices and can be quite exotic, however dieters should look past the marketing claims of the diet and into actual food lists available, as the diet is not extremely flexible and would be difficult to complete if you did like your choices.