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Arctic Blast

by gold stone (2019-04-26)

Just today I was preparing Arctic Blast Review some samples of the chips to share with people. I was standing on my feet while cutting apart the chips, 18 to a package, and putting each one in a small plastic bag with a brochure. I began to pay attention to a pain in my sacrum. I laughed when I realized I hadn't even thought about the chips.I peeled off a pain chip and put it over my right S-I joint. Within minutes the pain was gone. Another one was stuck on the back of my head bringing balance to my body which relieved a headache without having to pop some over the counter meds.The same day Rudy T was on stage, there was an article in the Houston Chronicle about the chips. The other side of the story was presented by a physics professor who had never tried the chips. He pronounced the effect of the chips being from the placebo effect.Most people who used the chips were skeptics at the beginning. They didn't want them to work. That eliminates the placebo effect.I've always been puzzled by scientists who make proclamations about new technologies without investigating them or trying them. Humans seem to have a difficult time accepting something new and different which goes against a particular belief. It makes me wonder how we've ever accomplished the amazing advances we have had in engineering and science.For something that doesn't prevent, treat, heal, diagnose or cure, the results of restoring balance to the cells of the body is nothing short of remarkable. I'm delighted and thankful that these little holographic chips are available to me. I sleep better, have consistent energy throughout the day and have pain relief from aching joints.A woman come to the front of the room followed by another woman and her five-year-old little girl. She wanted to tell us what happened with the almost six year old. The youngster had spina bifida, a birth defect in which the spinal cord did not form correctly within the spinal column in the womb. The mother told a story of how the child had been in pain that, according to the doctors, was only going to increase as she got older.In addition, due to the pain, the little one had been unable to sleep soundly. The pain woke her up and then she couldn't get back to sleep. Since she was 2.5 she'd been on melatonin which assisted her in going to sleep but not in staying asleep. Someone introduced Mom to the CieAura holographic chips. They began using the pain chips. The pain began to go away.