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Success: Who Is Responsible for Your Success?

by Bella Edward (2019-05-05)

As I sought to be better in my career,    7 Day Prayer Miracle    become a better person, get past my own pain, trauma and abuse and become all that I was designed by God Himself to be, the reality became, "It is not about you, Sandi." Recently I pressed through some very thick walls, fears and disbelief.To some casual observers it might have looked like I was high on cloud 9. And I was. But it was bigger than that.

You see, because of my own disbelief and my own lack of confidence, years ago I attracted voices and people into my own life that would encourage me to only go so far, but to never compete with the experts. I was NOT allowed to be an expert. My own lack of belief in myself and my destiny brought in leaders who helped me get so far, but don't ever go beyond that.

It didn't matter if it was in the religious world, the business world or wherever they showed up- they all gave me the courage to move far and wide, but to never go to expert. Never I blame no one for this sad reality.But in July of this year I was brought face to face with a reality I had forgotten about. My mentor, MaryEllen Tribby reminded me that this might be about something much bigger than myself.

Recommending I read the book, "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield, she encouraged me to never let my passion settle. She reminded me that the flaming drive inside of me was designed to impact the earth and those in it. This's not about me.MaryEllen is one of the few mentors I've had in my life who not only spoke truth into my heart and spirit, but she also encouraged me to go farther than I ever thought was possible. She reminded me it would require work. Hard work, honestly. She also reminded me that sometimes she might have to give me tough love. But the fact remained she would enjoy nothing more than to see me go farther than she ever went.