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10 of My Own Quotable Quotes - Part 8

by Bella Edward (2019-05-07)

Experts are cautioning that if    Meditation In A Bottle   you do not have original certificates for the expertise which you mentioned in the resume, better avoid it.Qualifications are not just enough: If you show great qualifications and experience, the company is not at obligation to give you job. They always select the candidates as per their requirement after due verification.

I'm sitting in the ER with my sweet 14 yr old son, Bobby, Saturday morning writing this weeks article. He's been battling a bad cough & sore throat with high fever for several days so we're getting the antibiotic to kill this bug!Making the most of my time and my life, I've got my iPhone and I'm writing. Inspiration came to me during this challenge.

Nearly every week I receive an email or post on FB or Twitter asking me the question "How do you do it!!" Most people don't ever say what "it" is. Assuming the "it" they are referring to is homeschooling, running a growing company & managing 50,000 clients & 5 team members, my answer is always the same. I just do the next thing.

Entering our 20th year of homeschooling I'll admit that there are days when my brain lacks enough cells to keep up with the tasks. But having a sense of humor, a strong circle of friends and enough skill makes it easier. Don't ever try to build a business without these three things. Let me repeat them: A sense of humor, strong circle of friends and enough skill.