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Do Your Own Stuff!

by Bella Edward (2019-05-13)

if you do "this" or if you  7 Day Prayer Miracle  do "that". Well, in reality life has no sure fire formula on how to live it right, nor has anyone lived life in a perfect breeze where everything seem to fall in places as you wish it would be. Everyone yes everybody has there own share of defeat, their sweet feel of failure and of mistakes...

So how will you improve yourself despite your flaws? Simply, accept that you are flawed and that you are imperfect no matter how you hoped you are. Making yourself believe and accept the truth will give you a head's up to anything that's yet come be it an "F" on your math exam or a broken heart over some other person. your life should not stop there instead learn from it, if you failed from your exam then maybe you have to change your study habits, and if your boyfriend/girlfriend dumped you then maybe you need to make yourself more interesting than before!

No matter how sad it may sound, the best way to live life is looking through your failures and mistakes. It may not be fair nor is it favorable however grasping the truth is part of the process of learning. It is the act of embracing the unavoidable truth wherein everyone is going to fail or have failed, will surely help you on your endeavor called life.

Mistakes can truly be inevitable, no matter how you proof yourself from dreadful hurts or discouraging failures. In the end you will still find yourself pierced through by reality that one way or another you will fail. Other people do is that they cling on too much to the pain that they forget to exhaust the benefits of having such failure in the first place. This is where people lose their minds and worst cease living the life they should have been enjoying. It is normal to indulge to pain for a moment but ensure that you have learned the best out of it!