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by Ssregina Regina (2019-05-14)

ndigo children do not respond normally to Numerologist Review disciplinary action. Disciplinary action is exactly what they expected to be met with before coming into life and so... disciplinary action is faced by an indigo child, like battle. They often have easy tempers and so any attempt to get them to abide by limits will most likely be met with this temper and be treated like combat. However, unlike what you would typically expect from a person with warrior type energy, they have very sensitive systems. Because their senses are taking in much more stimulus than the average person's they have a lower resiliency to certain foods and environments. Making them seem high maintenance. The indigo child will never try to join a group. Instead, they will isolate themselves until they find a kindred spirit. Sadly, many of the first waves of indigo children due to their various abnormal behaviors have wound up being labeled as mentally ill and therefore been medicated and influenced out of their amazing gifts. The struggle they have faced in coming in to shift society to such an extreme degree often makes their life circumstances so difficult that unfortunately, the suicide rate for indigo children in their adolescence and even adulthood is very high. These children are called indigo children because the new vibration that they carry moves in such a way that the light distribution versus the wavelength of this energy makes it so that the human eye perceives the electromagnetic spectrum of that energy at between 420 nanometers and 450 nanometers in wavelength, in other words... the color we call "indigo".