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Cerisea Medica

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-05-15)

From April 2009 Cerisea Medica till date we have witnessed stimulus induced growth in all markets across the globe. That is artificial recovery and has no fundamental moorings. Nothing has changed on ground as far as growth parameters of nations are concerned. Take the latest US Jobs Report for instance. Last Friday the US unemployment data showed that the nonfarm payrolls fell by 125000 in June 2010. Economic activity is just not picking up in US and hence new jobs are not being created. If new jobs are not created then consumption will fall. Consumption falls then inventories increase and so production activities have to be curtailed. Decreased production requires even less jobs and inspires further fall in consumption. Hence we go into a vicious cycle in which you can imagine what happens to the economy. Great business leaders find a balance for competing priorities; they focus then motivate. Finding opportunities in the Great Recession has been a challenge with opposing priorities of cost containment and of revenue growth. In hundreds of my discussions with successful business leaders, it is clear that when we emerge from the Great Recession, the best opportunity for revenue growth will be from your current customers. Leading your company out of the Great Recession will require shifting the focus away from cost containment to growth opportunities.