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Memory Hack

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-19)

Afraid of becoming dependent on therapy. Memory Hack Many clients arrive in therapy with very serious concerns about "becoming dependent on therapy." It seems like an outrageous proposition to permit themselves to speak intimately and self-revealingly with a stranger who does not reciprocate with an equal offer of vulnerability. And yet the fact that the therapist is, and to a certain degree always remains a stranger, is exactly why the situation can work. The client is not burdened with the private concerns of the therapist and the client does not have to fear that their vulnerability will expose them to harm in their intimate social or work circles. At the same time, within the enclosed space of therapy there is a chance to relax their boundaries and take a look at parts of themselves that they rarely expose even to themselves. From an energy standpoint, people learning or teaching with Alzheimer's have a systemic depletion, rather than just one particular area. Systemic energy depletions always indicate that there is a need to boost the immune system. Ironically enough, there is a theory that Alzheimer's may be a slow growing viral infection. If the disease did not involve the immune system and was found to be purely a "brain dis-ease," then the depletion of energy would emerge from the brow center or the crown area. Systemic depletions--particularly the immune system--need the color yellow to help stimulate self worth and the sense of self. It also represents honoring self which includes intellect and ego. Statistically, yellow was introduced into the workplace in the late 1940's and early 1950's by color theorist and industry color consultant, Faber Birren. Yes, he is responsible for all the yellow caution lines and hard hats--even yellow school buses. Follow-up studies proved that introducing yellow into our culture reduced injuries significantly-partly because yellow is the longest wavelength and can be seen at a distance (hence the school buses). I also believe yellow reduced accidents because it stimulates thought by stimulating the brain's natural abilities. Since yellow deals with self on a different level altogether, yellow helps keep the mind on its work.