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by gold stone (2019-05-20)

Keeping a balanced mental LumaSlim perspective is a key factor in continuing to achieve progress in your weight loss program. From my own experience, I know that maintaining the right balance is, well, something of a balancing act.If I am too relaxed about my weight loss goals, I find that it is very easy to drift back into non-productive habits like eating desserts too often, or taking multiple helpings of a really tasty dish when one will really do. Then I will inevitably notice that my weight is slowly creeping back up instead of slowly going down.The opposite unbalanced extreme is when I start obsessing about losing weight quickly. If I get in too big a hurry, I will force myself to eat way too little to avoid hunger, and then I will not be able to think about anything except how hungry I am. This is clearly self-defeating, because the unavoidable result will be a moment when I snap and say "enough, already, I am just going to eat anything I want. It is not worth being hungry all the time . . ."The ideal state is somewhere in the middle. Stay aware of your goals without obsessing about them. Eat slowly and enjoy your food and consciously decide you don't need a second or third serving. Allow yourself an occasional treat, but don't let dessert every evening become a habit. Choose nutritious foods and avoid un-healthful things like sweetened (artificially or otherwise) soft drinks.And don't forget exercise. Find something you really enjoy doing and then do it frequently, but not to excess. The benefits of a reasonable exercise program extend far beyond simple weight loss.Remember, you took many years to gain the weight you now want to lose. With a careful, balanced approach, you can lose it back again. Whether you want to avoid "middle-age spread" or you never lost the weight you gained from your last pregnancy, you can lose weight effectively. Keeping the right mental attitude is a must. Just don't get in too big a hurry!There are many reasons why you may want to lose water weight. Sometimes it is because there are clothes you are trying to fit into for a special occasion. Other times it is because you are just feeling puffy and uncomfortable in your own skin. Whatever your reasons, there are some tips to help you accomplish your goal.