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by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-20)

Counting calories is considered almost a precondition LumaSlim to dieting. But is it that important? Can't you lose weight without reading the tag of everything you eat? Let me paint you a little picture: You open your fridge, Your eye catches a fruit yogurt. You really want that yogurt. You start thinking: "what did I eat today?", "can I allow myself this yogurt?" You reach for the yogurt and start looking for the nutrient table. Then you start deciphering the table and the meaning of these calories. You decide to eat the yogurt. It only took you a few minutes and you even feel a little guilty about it. Sounds familiar? This is what a dieting person goes through every day. But I say: Isn't it enough that we need to know what we eat and when we eat? Do we have to become a human calorie calculator? Must we count calories to burn fat? No, we must not. We can stop counting every calorie and still lose weight in a satisfactory manner. Of course you should have proper knowledge about what you should eat and how much of it. The problem is: people become fanatics. Being on a diet, we can't just eat whatever we want whenever we want it (yes, we are still on a diet), But we also shouldn't ourselves constantly with counting calories to burn fat properly. For example: If you know your diet tells you to eat a 400 calorie meal, It can be translated to eat 350-450 calorie meal (as long as you don't just add 50 calories to each meal of the day). You can count calories in broader strokes and still lose real weight. Believe me, the relief of not having to count every calorie will worth much more than the occasional 100-150 calories per day which you might eat. The important thing is to set yourself free. I'm not exaggerating. If you've been doing it for a while stopping the calorie counting is so refreshing, You'll feel like a different person. But don't mistake it with paying less attention. You actually have to pay more attention, not to calories, but to what feels right. In this article I want to introduce the under-achiever approach for reaching your ideal body weight.