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His Secret Obsession

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-24)

Agreement: Can two walk together, except they agree. His Secret Obsession Review Be ready to agree with your spouse. Never prove difficult. Let there be agreement in prayer, discipline of children, dealing with in-laws, finances, relations with friends, harmonizing career, etc. When there is agreement in marriage, success is inevitable. Life lived in love, will never be dull, a famous quote which describes the meaning of life in a very loving way. We usually get to hear, we get life only once, so live life to the fullest. Life is in itself is a journey, in which we all go through four different stages of life. From being an infant to childhood, then from being a young, lovable teenager to a mature adult, from being a son to son- in- law and then finally till being a father- in- law. Every relation requires a lot of love and understanding. In our life we get to make a number of bonds, but, one bond, which remains forever, is the bond of marriage. Wedding is a ceremony, which has from ages been witnessed as the purest of all bonds, shared between two human beings. Earlier the couple use to marry first, and then eventually they used to fall in love. But, now the times have changed and era has come where loves comes first, making marriage take a backseat. Today, it is very important for the bride and the groom to know each other, before tying the knot of marriage. the times are gone, when the Indian brides and grooms used to see each other's faces after their marriage, and were asked to live their whole life with that person, whether they like it or not. There were hardly any love marriages practised in our grandfather's time. The parents have always been so rigid in their thinking and perceptions related to love marriage. In fact inter- caste and love marriages were considered a crime and children were strictly not allowed to do wedding out of their religion or caste. Even a girl talking to a boy was also considered cheap. The mentality was such that girls were not even sent out of their houses and if they wanted to study then they used to be a part of the separate school or college for women education. In some cases, if out of revolution a couple belonging to different caste marries each other, then they used to be murdered. Such heinous crime was considered marrying a bride or groom from different caste in Indian marriages.