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by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-31)

This can tend to distract you from becoming Numerologist.Com Review quickly aware that you have just read an entire book on the subject without getting what you were looking for or promised. Such is the way and typical of most authors regarding our subject. It may be in some part due to the 'Occult' Meaning 'secret'. Occult wisdom was only deemed appropriate for those that went through initiation into a secretive society or some such similar ordeal. Back them days, we were in the age of 'no easy disclosure', regarding information relevant to cause certain outcomes. The Occult was taken very seriously. So, you are even more interested in it, you know more about it than ever, only having no idea how to get there yourself. For most, if you are not predisposed to it naturally this rings true and getting the how is uber frustrating. I know that for myself, this was a major factor and exactly the way it went. It almost seemed to me, that they were taunting me with it. Bragging about all their incredible Astral endeavors ensuring me of the reality and in most cases subsequently the reality of the difficulty of getting there. Ophiel, was in the same shoes and spent his entire life searching for *HOW TO* and after abandonment from family and friends, 30yrs of intense searching, and a courageous dedication he found it. He was taught the trade from an actual Guru and goes into great detail of all the accounts and techniques which may be required from someone without the natural inclination. The man did a great service for the occult, and coincidentally mankind in general. He made no promises, so was under no obligation to withhold any information. In his book "The Art & Practice of Astral Projection" he gives actual 123 step by step instruction for causing oneself to separate their soul from their body. He also does so with -SAFETY- in mind by revealing the ceremony of the Quabalistic cross which is absolutely necessary should anyone attempt such a practice.