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The Underground Fat Loss Manual

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-06-01)

When caffeine is marketed in fat loss products, it's The Underground Fat Loss Manual Review usually promoted as a key ingredient that will give you more energy to burn fat through cardio. However, caffeine itself is very thermogenic, and according to researchers, can increase metabolism by as much as 10%. So even as a standalone product, be it a strong cup of coffee or tea, or a capsule of caffeine anhydrous, this is one supplement that should not be overlooked when you're trying to melt the fat. Green Tea Extract (EGCG) Take Green Tea Extract, specifically one that is extracted for 45-50% EGCG. Although the research is not conclusive, there are studies indicating that EGCG may increase basal metabolic rate by approximately 4%. It may not seem significant at first glance, but the addition of a green tea supplement that costs less than $10 may lead us to burn 90-100 extra calories per day - all without doing anything more than taking a 500mg capsule 2-3 times per day. Coleus Forskohli Coleus Forskohli, in particular the 10% extract commonly sold under the trade name Forslean, is perhaps one of the most underrated and relatively unknown supplements that has been shown to significantly aid fat loss by increasing thyroid hormone production. Studies have shown that in can even reduce body gat percentage by over 11% in just 12 weeks. This supplement is a great option for anyone who has hit a plateau in their fat loss efforts. Look for a product that supplies 250mg of the 10% extract in each capsule. Raspberry Ketones Although relatively new to the supplement market, raspberry ketones are quickly becoming one of the most popular fat burning supplements on the market today, thanks to promotion by celebrity doctors like Dr. Mehmet Oz. There is not a lot of scientific evidence to support the use of this supplement; however, it has received a lot of anecdotal feedback that indicates it may be a very potent tool in the dieter's arsenal. And the FDA has classified raspberry ketones as safe under their "generally recognized as safe' category. Although many products on the market contain capsules containing 100-125mg of raspberry ketones that are to be taken 2-3 times per day, many people have made great progress by taking 250-500mg three times per day. As this is regarded as a safe and non-toxic ingredient, it may be worth giving the higher doses a try.