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by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-06-04)

Let's say you wake up and have half a dozen Anadrole Review free range eggs bought from Tesco, couple of hours later you might have some high quality complex protein, followed by a chicken sandwich bought from the local shop, maybe another shake after workout, then a nice meal with steak and potatoes for dinner topped up with some cottage cheese before bed. All fairly basic stuff and nothing really that flash. But if you buy this from your local supermarket and don't choose wisely, this diet could cost in excess of £300/month (that's only just over £10 a day, or £1.65 a meal if you eat 6 meals a day) Chicken and other meats are also great value, and generally of a higher quality too. For example 5kg of chicken breasts currently costs less than £20, or £17 if you get them frozen. Fish is cheap too costing around £20 for 3kg of white fish. Carb sources are much cheaper than protein but there's still savings to be had. A big bag of basmati rice and oats can be picked up at half the price of the supermarkets and you can buy giant bottles of olive oil too so that should take care of fats! Keep it Simple You pay a hefty premium for anything that's already precooked, pre-flavoured or similar. Companies make money by increasing its perceived value more than the actual value. So if you want to add flavouring, buy the flavouring in bulk too and you'll save a packet by cooking it yourself Buying all of the food in bulk means that it's going to take up more room in your fridge/freezer and also cost a fair bit initially so that means you may have to be a bit more limited with your food choices. After all, not many have space to store 10kg chicken, 5kg steak, 5kg fish, 5kg sausages, 10kg basmati rice and a box of 6 dozen eggs at once! So you might have to go through periods of eating one or two types of meat at a time, but you can turn the same food into different meals to keep things interesting.