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The Lost Book Of Remedies

by dilli jack (2019-01-24)

One of the concerns which I have encountered over The Lost Book Of Remedies the years is that children by their nature simply cannot keep secrets. By indicating to a child that it is of great consequence to maintain a secret it is like indicating to them to go and "spread the word to your friends." One excellent example of this involves weapons. If you maintain a sizeable weapons and ammo cache within your home you should never tell the child to not say anything about its existence but simply train them in the value of these assets and their importance while letting the child decide that it is best not to tell others. If nothing is made of the "secret" it is easier for a child to not say anything, it just comes naturally to them. They may begin believing that everyone does the same thing and therefore it is nothing worth talking about. They must think it is their decision not ours. Additionally, avoid words such as prepping, preppers or survivalist as this could easily slip out of their innocent mouths in conversation with friends. Instead of informing your child that you are teaching them survival and prepping skills, you must do so as if it is a natural part of their life and not classified as a "secret". You can still teach those attitudes and skill without the use of the "P" word or the "S" word.In the event that you are extremely limited in the space for your orchard I would highly recommend that you obtain the "dwarf" varieties of fruit trees. Dwarfs produce an abundance of fruit but have certain advantages such as they are closer to the ground making it easier to pick the fruit or to prune the trees. Additionally they are not as large in their circumference which allows more trees for the same amount of space. You can get dwarfs for peach, nectarine, and a "five fruit" apple tree and a host of other trees which bear fruit.