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BOOST Milk Enhancer Review

by dilli jack (2019-01-31)

I have spent a great deal of time with babies and they all have one thing in common. They know what they are saying even if we don't. I have a very special 2 year old boy who is constantly having conversations with himself and he is very definite about what he is saying-it's just that I am not so sure what he is saying and that is of no concern to him most of the time. He can walk around for hours talking away and you will occasionally hear the same phrase repeated so you know he has a thought he is sharing, I just cannot translate his chatter yet. But, that does not stop Joshie from chattering on.Babies that are learning to make sounds and put consonants together, are trying to share too. Even newborns repeat patterns in their cries to try and communicate what their need may be.Babies not only like the sound of their own voice, they want you to hear them too. If you watch them interact with other babies, they seem to understand each other even if those pesky adults do not. There was a video of twins gabbing away that not only charmed us, it showed how these 2 little babies knew exactly what the other one was saying, as if speaking a foreign language. In fact, they were speaking a language they both understood quite well-baby talk.