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Heartburn No More Review

by Daisy Pricilla (2019-02-08)

One of the common home remedies is the use of ice Heartburn No More Review cubes and applying them to the infected spot. Bear in mind that this alternative is highly effective especially during the first stage of finding out the symptoms of cold sores. It is recommended to use pieces of ice cubes wrapped in towel or cloth and applying it to the blistered surface of the mouth. Do this within five to ten minutes per hour every day. You actually refer to the tingle stage when you initially feel a tender sensation that slowly develops into cold sore. Applying ice during this phase is quite effective in reducing the temperature of the skin tissue. This type of cold sore home remedies consequently results to the reduction of the temperature leading to stifling the development of cold sores. Furthermore, applying ice on the sore will act as a numbing agent that reduces the painful itching you experience. Putting a tea bag to the infected or blistered area is also a good alternative with reliable effects. Tea basically contains tannic acid which is known to have certain properties such as antiviral features. This type of remedy ensures that the lesion caused by cold sore is minimized especially if you administered the treatment during the initial tingle period. Make sure that you carefully position the tea bag on the infected area allowing it to stay for a few minutes each hour. You may also try coating the sore using petroleum jelly as a moisturizing agent. This remedy is good in preventing you cold sore scabs to crack and bleed.