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Numerologist Review

by dilli jack (2019-02-08)

As far as our purpose in life he put it this way, "You are learning Numerologist Reviewhow to be." This is, but, one step of many". Well, I guess as an immortal spiritual creature we do have plenty of time. I began to fade out, again. I was floating, bodiless in an utterly dark void, again. This time it was different. There was someone here with me. I could feel power, immense power. I cast around as before, there was nothing I could see. I felt him and he had incredible, immense power. I was afraid, for an instant, but then I felt there was a balance. The balance was love. I could feel incredible power, and love without depth. A mother never felt such love for her newborn child as the love I felt radiating form whomever was with me in this place. Because of the love, I felt I knew whoever this was I was not in danger, but I still wanted to be somewhere far, far away. I made myself as small as I could in a hope I would not be noticed. I never dreamed that this great one of immense power and love may be here for me! I was a child, not even worthy of notice. This, whoever was with me, mere presence was so powerful it almost seemed almost physical.