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AirSnore Review

by dilli jack (2019-02-15)

Readjust your circadian rhythm but getting as much exposure to light as AirSnore Review you can towards the end of the day. Maybe a daylight lamp will help if its darker in the evenings. If you can - eat your lunch out in the fresh air, go for a walk in the afternoons when you might otherwise be feeling sleepy. By having more exposure to light later in the day you are resetting your body clock.Routine, Routine, Routine!When babies are small we are so thankful when we get them into a sleep routine, and its the same for adults. Go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time, every day for a couple of weeks, whether you are asleep or not, and your body - your brain - will relearn the times and start to respond. So, do the same things at the same time.. have a bath or shower, get into your jammies.. a relaxing hot milk drink to get a dose of tryptophan. It helps people feel sleepy.Dark and Cosy Gives a Signal Make your room dark and cosy. Darkness is important as its a trigger through the optical nerve for melatonin to be released. Don't have a TV in the room, or even read before sleep.. just try having a room thats only for sleep. Have heavy drapes to cut out the light in the early morning.. even wear ear plugs to keep out the noises of birds. Although I do love hearing the birds in the springtime, they can really make a racket from the first peak of dawn.Often insomnia is aided by trying to keep track of a whole load of worries. Have a box outside the bedroom door where you 'leave your worries'. You have to get into the habit of writing out whatever is on your mind, just a few words will do. Then put the piece of paper in the box and put on the lid. You can make it a kind of ceremony or ritual and it can become an effective way of letting go and also picking up a to-do list in the morning.Don't watch the thriller TV programs late at night, or read books that are full of suspense. Try reading a self help or personal development book. They can be very sleep inducing.