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XYZ Smart Collagen

by princy william (2019-02-19)

There are a few things your XYZ Smart Collagen Review face moisturizer should be able to do. Firstly it should be able to increase the amounts of collagen and elastin in your skin. It can do this only if it contains sufficient quantities of keratin in its most active form and from natural sources. The keratin goes deep into the skin cells and does it magic there. If you can find a product that contains Cynergy TK, which is keratin in its most active form you should pick it up.You also will benefit greatly from Nano-Lipobelle H EQ 10, a coenzyme that is specially formulated to enter deep into your skin's layers and increase the collagen production. A moisturizer is also useless if it doesn't contain enough powerful antioxidants in the form on natural Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) and grape seed oil.Another wonder ingredient is extracted from Japanese sea kelp. In its active form Phytessence Wakame it maintains high levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin. This is essential to keep your skin wrinkle free.You should avoid products that use mineral oils as a base as they will only clog your pores. There are many emollients available in nature such as babassu and Maracuja, a passion fruit extract. They keep your skin smooth and protected and prevent it from being too oily or dry.