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Lean Belly Secret Review

by Nallapaneni mahesh (2019-02-22)

Well if you actually do this typeLean Belly Secret Review/ of experiment, as many scientists have done, then you find yourself with a quite startling conclusion. The rats who are made exercise against their will, the ones who are doing the "greatest possible activities" for their little rat bodies, end up fatter than the rats who are left alone. And not just a little bit fatter, they end up MUCH fatter.Now humans are not rats, I agree. Yet studies such as these make us ponder and question activities such as exercise. How on earth can something deemed so beneficial be so detrimental? And can we make any connection between the results of the rats and exercise in general In order to answer these important questions, we must first understand what exercise actually is.Logically, as we discussed, one would think that the rats that exercised would have been much leaner after their exercise bouts. But exercise didn't make them lean, it made them fat.