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Folexin Review

by Sweety Jancy (2019-02-25)

Saw palmetto supplement offer an easy way to supply Folexin Reviewthis natural extract to your body. The Supplement can be in the form of tablet or capsule. As already discussed, this natural extract works by blocking the formation of Dihydrotestosterone which is otherwise responsible for male as well as female baldness. This dihydrotestosterone forms when testosterone combines with an enzyme that is called Type II alpha reductase. This DHT binds with hair follicles in scalp and causes them to shrink. Saw palmetto helps to stop the male hormone (Testosterone) to combine with that enzyme and hence stops formation of DHT. In order to avoid any risk of side effects from medication, one can take saw palmetto supplement. Medisys saw palmetto is an excellent Nutraceutical supplement to prevent hair loss. It contains standardized extract of saw palmetto. The quality of supplement is extremely important because higher the quality more effective will be the supplement. A good quality supplement can be the one that contains ingredients from high quality source.