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by marven dwayne (2019-02-28)

I'm not here to discourage anyone or to burst anyone's bubble about UFX forex, not in the least. I may sound like i am against forex trading i most certainly am not. In fact i love trading forex, always have and always will. So what exactly am i here to say? Good question! I'm here to say unequivocally that forex trading should not be viewed simply as an income opportunity. This skews expectation levels of beginning traders to the point that they believe they can simply place money in account and instantly become a successful forex trader. Let me set the record straight. Forex trading is speculation. Merriam-Webster defines the speculation as "assumption of unusual business risks in hopes of commensurate return." The key word in that definition is "unusual." In the world of global financial market speculation we can translate the word "unusual" to basically mean "high." In other words, forex trading is a high-risk venture any way you slice it. This is evidenced by the extremely high percentage of individuals who enter into forex trading, but lose money by doing so.