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Wildfit Review

by Nishish Sandy (2019-05-08)

The first step in starting the Miracle Diet is to recognize that every time you eat, you are eating a meal.WildfitThere are no snacks or coffee breaks just six meals a day. There are no teas or cocktail hours just six meals a day. Each period of eating and drinking becomes as important as the one before and the one after.To help accomplish this recognition of six meals a day, I always insist that we drop the names that we have given these off-meal repasts, and substitute new names in their place. From now on you will be having: FIRST BREAKFAST, SECOND BREAKFAST, FIRST LUNCH, SECOND LUNCH, FIRST DINNER, SECOND DINNER.The two breakfasts will have all the characteristics of your present breakfasts. The two lunches will be similar in nature to your present lunches. The two dinners will be more like your present dinner split into two sittings.You may find breakfasts add up to more than you may be eating while you gained weight. You are quite likely to find that the two dinners add up to less than your present evening's fare. The reason for this shift in emphasis is obvious when you look at the Miracle Diet in the light of its basic idea: a conveyor belt feeding coal into the furnace only as fast as the energy is needed to run the machine and no faster.