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Six Pack Shortcuts 2 Review

by Nishish Sandy (2019-04-30)

Ever wondered what is the best diet for body building? Today I will take you through the menu for a full day starting with breakfast for a serious body builder.Six Pack Shortcuts 2 So starting with breakfast he has six eggs and oatmeal.
After his workout in the morning, for the post recovery he eats fifty grams of the normal whey protein from Optimum Nutrition mixed with ten grams of Creatine Monohydrate. Then there is also two ripe yellow bananas for the simple carbohydrates. Then for the pre-workout he takes CelluZero fruit punch workout mix, which works out pretty well.
For lunch, there is fresh mixed vegetables, wild grain white rice and six ounces of chicken tenderloins which is pretty much the same thing as chicken breasts. After which you ca take your supplements which include fish oils, multivitamins and amino acids.
You can also have a roast beef sandwich made from wholewheat bread and fat free roast beef. Which may not taste too great but is still very healthy because it has a lot less calories than normal roast beef.
For the rest of the day he has two more meals similar to the lunch menu and then before he heads to bed some cottage cheese, which is a slow digesting protein that is taken before you head to bed so you have a constant supply of nutrients while you sleep.


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by Natu Extra Anvisa (2020-07-04)

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Re: Natu Extra Multi Extras

by Natu Extra Anvisa (2020-07-04)

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