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Urgent Fungus Destroyer Review

by Nishish Sandy (2019-05-13)

When we came out from under the canopy, we gasped as we encountered the Spring wildflowers Urgent Fungus Destroyer blanketing the foothills for miles and miles.They spread all the way to the beaches, a combination of poppies so bright they smelled like oranges; wild iris and lupine so intense, they smelled purple and buttercups so yellow we made butter under our chins. What an expansive feeling it was to come out of the woods, into the sun, running along the ridge overlooking the beach. The rain, wind and sun beat down on our bodies, saturating us with pleasant reminders of our connection to this truly awesome planet. Are expansion and connection components of an open heart? My heart never felt so comfortable, so enthusiastic as it did when I was in nature every day. Food never tasted so good and my smile never frowned. I felt connected to people without speaking, I was filled with wonder and curiosity when we shared our emergence with the elements, not a word nor a whisper were heard between us. Whether on a boat being rocked to sleep while looking up through the forward hatch at the moon and stars, sitting on a rock overlooking the coastline and the power of the waves crashing on the beach below, or walking silently through the forest steeped in the wisdom of those redwood emperors, I knew I was connected; no question in my mind. Feathers, rocks, odd pieces of driftwood and shells, they were all part of my daily collections. I brought them home to my altar for a night, lit a candle placing it in the midst of all these talismans and looked at nature's designs, into their souls. There I sat, breathing and journeying, deep inside myself, imaging, playing back the memories of the wild animals that had earlier flown over me or stepped ever so lightly on the same trails, over the stones and through the giant clovers. I heard the cries of the hawks and eagles as they circled, dove and played overhead; one feather, if I was lucky, floated down just for me. I saw the bobcat mommy carrying all four kittens in her mouth, looking over her shoulder to make sure I wasn't following too close; the coyote stalking, catching and eating the rabbit. I still have some of those feathers and also the rocks, the shells and driftwood, yet mostly I returned them the following day, grateful for the gifts of the night before.