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IGR Plus

by Alisa Princy (2019-11-14)

Not performing exercises correctly: In order IGR Plus Review to get the results you're looking for you need to learn how to use your muscles properly in the context of working out with weights. It's not enough to simply go through the motions, you need to be able to effectively "target" the muscles you are intending to work. For example, let's say you're doing a bench press to work the chest muscles, you should understand the biomechanics that allow you to fully recruit these muscles and feel the most tension there. This requires practice and, in many cases, professional guidance. Not drinking enough water: Your muscles are about 70% water. You need to provide your body with the raw materials it needs to create new healthy cells. Water plays a key role in metabolism, and serves to keep the muscles properly nourished. It is also essential to the health and proper function of your joints and organs. Not to mention, keeping yourself well hydrated will lead to improved workout performance. Strive for something in the range of 3 litres per day, or just always keep water with you and sip it throughout the day. Drinking alcohol: Sorry to dissapoint you, but if you're serious about adding muscle, you'll want to either cut down or cut out the drinking altogether. Alcohol dehydrates you, making you less able to recover from those killer workouts. It is also known to lower testosterone and enable estrogen production, which is the opposite of what you're looking for if the goal is muscle growth. Doing cardio: While doing cardio definitely has some health benefits, it is "catabolic" in nature, which means it burns muscle tissue. So by adding cardio workouts to your routine, you'll be limiting your body's ability to recover and grow from your weight workouts. This extends to playing sports as well. If you're thinking you want to burn some fat while adding muscle, then remember your body has limited adaptive energy, so it's better to decide which is the most pressing goal and focus on that. Besides, if you eat the right way, the amount of fat you gain on your muscle-building program should be minimal.