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Nerve Renew

by Jerome Princy (2019-11-19)

If a joint becomes Nerve Renew Review stuck in place, or what we call fixed due to injury, poor postures, and so on, a number of things occur with in the nerves. This "joint fixation" or immovability will decrease the rate of firing of the joint mechanoreceptor in turn decreasing the rate of firing of the large diameter 1A fibers of the nerve. This decrease of the rate of firing decreases the inhibition of C fibers, or the pain fibers of the nerve which will increase activity of these C fibers. This process leads to an increase in pain. As a chiropractor I daily work on INCREASING the frequency of firing of the joint mechanoreceptors, increasing firing of the 1A fibers, which inhibits transmission to the C fibers all leading to a decrease in pain! Clear as mud right? OK lets bring it out of Neurology 101 and back to the pain you have in your neck. Many times that pain is due to the joints not works properly which irritates the pain nerves. As a chiropractor I work on getting the joints of the neck working right which takes the irritation away from the nerves. When you ride your bike do you experience tingling, numbness or pain in your arm, wrist, hand or fingers? It is estimated that one third of repetitive stress injuries in cycling involve the hands. Carpal tunnel syndrome (compression of the median nerve at the wrist) is one of the most common. Proper positioning and wearing the correct gear may prevent these injuries from occurring. A very common problem I see in my chiropractic practice is carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). It wouldn't surprise me if you know someone yourself that suffers from CTS. Several thousand people annually undergo carpal tunnel surgery. Even though CTS is a very common disorder, doctors still have very little understanding about what causes CTS and what can be done to prevent it. Carpal tunnel syndrome has been associated with certain metabolic conditions such as diabetes, gout and thyroid disease. It is a commonly held belief that repetitive manual occupations or activities can cause CTS, but there have not been any scientific studies conclusively proving a link between occupational activity and CTS. Although cycling has not been identified as a direct cause of CTS, riding with the hands on top of the handlebar creates direct pressure onto the median nerve. The result of this direct pressure on the median nerve can result in symptoms of numbness and tingling in the fingers and thumb, and sometimes weakness of the hand can occur also. In mild circumstances, the symptoms usually resolve quickly once the ride has ended or in more serious conditions if you stop cycling altogether for a week or two.