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Brilliance SF Skincare

by Alisa Princy (2019-11-20)

There are different causes of stretch Brilliance SF Skincare Review marks, is commonly known that people that gain weight or loss weight quickly can experience stretch marks, pregnant women are also prone to stretch marks. However not just because your are fat or pregnant you are going to have stretch marks, they are caused also by some kind of hormone activity. There are different practical solutions, most doctors will tell you that stretch marks have no real solution, but there are ways to reduce them and even get rid of them. Stretch marks are scars, it is difficult to remove them with just a lotion but you can use some types of creams to make them less noticeable. Some people like to undergo expensive treatments to get rid of stretch marks like chemical peels, laser resurfacing and cosmetic surgery. However you can reduce your stretch marks without such intrusive treatments. To remedy stretch marks here are some possible solutions: Retin A Treatment, can treat stretch marks under a year old when they are still pink or with reddish color. The result is not guaranteed and the success may not be impressive. Micro Dermabrasion Treatment, micro crystals and chemical materials are spreayed on the skin under pressure at high speed. It is required multiple sessions, it can be painful, are expensive and many people report little or no improvement. There is also laser treatments, it can be very effective although a little painful in some cases, skin can return to its normal condition. Laser treatments basically burn the top layers of the scared skin to let new skin form, there are home remedies that can help to do something similar. However there are natural creams that have proven to reduce stretch marks, they may not be an instant solution, but you will see improvements and make your scars much less noticeable. Natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, Shea butter and vitamin C are effective in reducing stretch marks. Usually stretch marks are normal part of most girls and guys puberty, when a person grows very quickly or gain weight quickly they can experience lines on the body called stretch marks. Stretch marks happens when the skin is stretched too much and too quickly thus disrupting collagen in the skin.