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Backyard Revolution

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-20)

Yes, you can build your own solar panels and you Backyard Revolution Reviewdon't have to be a genius to do it. Many homeowners with no construction or engineering knowledge have built and installed solar panels on their own homes and seen amazing results. It is not unusual to see dramatic drops in utility bills in even the first month after installation and for years to come. This strategy can help you get free solar panels. However, you will need to carefully follow each step to be sure that your state and electric company have the right programs in placeIt is well worth the time effort to at least look into this. As time goes by, alternative energy will become more and more important. Keep reading and find out how to get this strategy in motion. Contact Your State Department of Energy Your first step should be to contact your state department of energy. Inform them of your desire to convert your home to solar power. You should be able find what you need by searching on "YourStateName + energy" without the quotes. Once you get in touch with someone, ask the following questions... Do they offer rebates on the cost of a solar panel system? How should you go about selling excess energy the electric company? Do they have an information package and forms about Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and other energy programs they can mail out to you? If your state doesn't have alternative energy programs in place, ask who you can contact to initiate legislation. Also ask them to place you on an energy notification list if available.