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Flow State Training Program

by Alisa Princy (2019-11-22)

If your meditations are about Flow State Training Program Review getting that much needed energy and freshening the mind then the citrus fruit incense is the choice for you. You need to consider incense like bergamot, mandarins, orange, apple and even grapefruit. Even Citronella is a fantastic citrus scent for this meditation type plus it repels the moths and more importantly the mosquitos. The Sweet Smell Enhancements - Vanilla Fragrances Sweet smell enhancements like coffee and peppermint can make a huge difference to your meditation session. The key reason we use these types of incense is simply to enhance our feelings. These also help bring forward clarity and stimulation and energy. One word of warning though, be careful with some herbs and spices. Some herbs and spices can form foul smelling odours when burned and more so, some spices can be poisonous. Choosing the right incense can make a huge difference towards a successful meditation session. When you are starting out then the best incense you should be using is Lavender but if you have mastered the basics then you could even try out a combination of these incense types What is meditation - most of you have heard of it, some of you may have even tried it - but for many of us it is an alluring part of Eastern spiritual practice, though it is not solely a spiritual endeavour. The word meditation often conjures images of an Indian sage in a loincloth or a vision of the Buddha seated in serene contemplation; the image is one of stillness and composure. Yogis, Zen Masters, Taoists have all meditated for millennia. Early Christian monastic practice included the lectio divina ; this is the practice of reading the Bible very slowly and deliberately, pondering and contemplating the true meaning of the teachings of Christ.