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by Regina Fancy (2019-11-23)

What is the shape of the arch of my foot? There are two Clear Nails Plus Review types of foot arches, longitudinal arches and transversal arch. Longitudinal arches are broken into smaller categories, medial, lateral and fundamental longitudinal arches. But no matter which type or shape of your foot is, there will be instances when your foot will experience severe pains. Why do I have to experience foot arch pain? Some of your activities or habits can trigger your foot to sore. This pain is commonly caused by plantar fasciitis. It is the inflammation of a band of tissues under the foot connecting the heel to the toes, which is called plantar fascia. This band of tissues also holds the bones of the arch and supports the weight of the body. Moreover, biomechanics of the feet, direct force, sprains and muscle strains can also contribute for you to suffer from foot pain. The most popular biomechanics of the foot that cause foot pain are flat feet and high arches. If you have flat feet, it is most likely that you will experience over pronation, in which your feet will roll inwards while walking. This will give uneven pressure on the plantar fascia and later results to arch pains. Conversely, if you have high arches, your feet will roll outwards while walking that can also lead to arch pains due to strains on the arch.A step on your foot can also trigger damage to the tissues and a simple sprain of the arch occurs when the plantar fascia are overstretched in which the tissues may tear. Running on hard and uneven surface may also give stress and trauma to the foot. Furthermore, long period of exercising with weary leg muscles will leave all the dirty work to the feet. Proper assessment of the arch pain can help you decide on which remedy you should take.