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by Jerome Princy (2019-11-25)

In order to have the rights Individualogist Review to conduct the ceremony one must be properly trained. It's all about the safety of the participants. In addition to safety the basic fabric of the philosophy must also be maintained, meaning not compromised. In exchange for the rights to "Pour" the ceremony the following items are offered in trade. A blanket, tobacco, a small amount of currency, and a personal item valued by the giver. Hence the Universal Law of Fair Exchange. The short list of items seemed a small price to pay for permission to conduct a sacred ceremony. After A trip to Wal-Mart for a blanket and tobacco, the rest of the items were assembled easily. Currency was available. The gift of a personal item was a more difficult. I decided that my favorite old tee-shirt, with a wolf howling at the moon would be suitable. Like most of my favorite t-shirts, In Larry the Cable Guy Fashion, the sleeves were removed immediately. I also love the universal "right to bare arms" The shirt was splattered with several colors of various paints from years of prior use. Sweat day came a little too soon for me and I was startled to hear my phone ring waking me out of a very comfortable sleep. Seems I overslept by about one hour. I jumped up to take care of the morning essentials and sped towards the location at a speed slightly over the legal limit. Upon arrival at the sweat lodge I noticed even though I was late, so were several other participants. Training began in a circle, as is common for the Company I work for. We use a lot of traditions borrowed (with permission) from the Crow Nation. The circle represents the never ending cycle of life. Elders stand in key positions that mark the North, South, East and West. The circle begins with the leader stating; "What goes around comes around." Then we pass the heart to heart hug. After the hug the person in the place of control, (the north) begins the instruction. In essence the next twenty minutes of discussion was about Company Policy, and safety procedures, and of course the recent tragedy that occurred in Sedona Arizona. Google that if you have an interest. We then discussed the gifts to be exchanged. The blanket signified comfort. Tobacco came from mother earth. The currency represents fair exchange, something of value for something of value. In retrospect silver or gold would be more fitting, (because Federal Reserve Notes by definition represent DEBT.) The personal gift to me is most significant.