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Overnight Millionaire System

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-27)

One of the trends I see when I talk to people is Overnight Millionaire System Review fewer and fewer meaningful relationships. This goes unnoticed in the work place because we may have several surface relationships (relationships that are not over an inch deep) but these do not make up for just a couple of deep life sharing relationships.I remember as a child growing up in rural Arkansas we ate every Sunday lunch with all of our extended family. We cooked out on holidays and people would quite literally come out of the hills (no my family tree is not a telephone pole). What I am getting at is the days of families living in the same geographical area are over for most people. We do not have close relatives to talk to about what is going on in our lives. We are actually turning inward and shutting out personal relationships altogether. This trend was shown in a study done by Duke University and The University of Arizona. We need to begin to cultivate deeper relationships with like minded individuals or maybe even with people we do not completely agree with. Where do we find these people?I suggest starting at your place of employment. Are there any individuals who you know very surface level that you have thought you may want to get to know more about? If you are not a talker you may want to buy books on cultivating relationships. One of my favorites is Dr. John C Maxwell's "25 Ways to Win with People." This just gives you 25 suggestions to build better relationships.