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Overnight Millionaire System

by Jerome Princy (2019-11-28)

You can see each individual Overnight Millionaire System Review long dark eyelash as if it was a slim rod growing up out of her eyelids, slightly thinner than a narrow pencil lead you slide into an automatic pencil, but nowhere near as stiff. And as she's falling asleep, I'm lucky enough to rub my course fingers back through her silky fine damp curls, and over her perfectly smooth round head. I can feel each of her hairs brush over my clumsy calloused hands, which, for some reason... don't seem to be so clumsy at this moment. As I'm looking down at her face and at her tiny little body, I'm hoping -- hoping with all the might I can muster up -- that somehow I will never ever lose this feeling, or these memories. That I can somehow permanently etch this image into my mind like an artist burns the edge of a soldering iron into a wooden block, creating permanent etchings of a design. It would be great if I could recall images like this one, that are buried away inside my memory banks, "automatically," the same way your elbow "automatically" twitches when you bang the spot right behind it. This would be the perfect pick-me-up whenever your get down or frustrated about something -- whenever life's momentarily punched you in the stomach. Although as I'm here in this moment with her, it seems hard to think that life could be anything but perfect. Her little spirit is so bright and so warm, nothing could possibly diminish it. She is only the second woman in my life I've ever gotten close to -- her mom (my wife) being the first. And both of them have a very soothing effect on me. As I'm sitting here, I am reminded again of what's important. The truth is, sitting in front of your computer yields virtually ZERO "memorable" experiences. And it's the memories in life you carry around that make you or break you. That fill you up or leave you feeling empty. If you are a woman who is pursing her life purpose you know that once you reach it you will be living the life of your dreams. You know that in your heart that if you can just see the realities of what you see in your mind come to fruition you would have made it to the place you were destined to be. So often we receive information that tells about the dream, about the success, but rarely give us simple principles on how to get there. I have this thing about teaching the women the 'What' without telling them 'How'. I believe it serves a greater purpose when we get the tools on how to achieve success rather then just what it is. Most of what we want out of life is predicated on you do something about it. So today I want to share the 'How' for getting a little further along in your success journey and help you to get to living the life of your dreams. The first is surrounding yourself with those that have been where you are trying to go. How can anyone coach you on a path they have never visited? It all boils down to a personal opinion that has no real success capacity and in this season of success there is no time for inauthentic information.